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neoCheck helps retailers optimize fulfillment and delight their customers by keeping customer-facing points of sale in sync with distribution centers. With neoCheck, developers can build personalized and up-to-date shopping experiences based on actual and present inventory data. It’s the smart inventory you need, built with a fraction of the resources.

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neoCheck is Smart inventory management system that enables users to manage daily inventory transactions and data. The inventory management software maintains a centralized database so that any changes made to any location are reflected immediately everywhere.  

On premise

SaaS Cloud

How do we apply the software?

Please submit the form to register your business information to us or contact the hotline: 08 7988 3139

Does the software support mobile apps?

neoCheck supports CRM management system and mobile application system on iOS and Android platforms

Does the application support offline and online mode?

neoCheck supports offline and online functions to help businesses easily inventory goods.

What operating system model? can i use Saas method?

neoCheck supports SaaS method or installs on your server system.

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We have the benefit of inventory

Optimize space and storage for cost and customer satisfaction. Display inventory in retail locations alongside online fulfillment.