inventory app

Running a supermarket requires carefully tracking inventory to ensure shelves are always stocked. With hundreds or thousands of products, this can be a major challenge. Thankfully, inventory apps provide an easy solution to streamline inventory management for grocery stores.

Why Use an Inventory App?

Inventory apps provide several key benefits for supermarkets:

  • Automated tracking – Apps can automatically scan barcodes and record product information and quantities. This eliminates manual counts and paperwork.
  • Low stock alerts – Apps send alerts when a product needs to be reordered. This prevents out-of-stocks.
  • Order management – Apps can integrate with suppliers to automatically generate purchase orders when stock is low.
  • Expiration tracking – Apps provide alerts on soon-to-expire items so waste is reduced.
  • Analytics – Powerful reporting provides insights on sales trends and top-selling items. This data informs future purchasing decisions.

Key Features of Inventory Apps


The best inventory apps for grocers include features like:

  • Mobile barcode scanning to instantly record products and quantities.
  • Dashboard highlighting low stock, expiration dates, and other critical info.
  • Purchase order generation when stock reaches minimum levels.
  • Sales and inventory analysis to identify fast/slow-moving items.
  • Supplier databases for streamlined reordering.
  • Alerts for expirations, low stock, and other user-defined events.

Getting Started with an Inventory App

Adopting an inventory app is easy. Choose a user-friendly app and follow these steps:

  1. Create your product catalog complete with barcode numbers, descriptions, sizes, and supplier info.
  2. Set minimum and maximum stock quantities for reordering points.
  3. Set up user accounts and permissions for staff.
  4. Scan barcode labels or enter product info to record starting inventory.
  5. Configure your reorder preferences and alerts.
  6. Train staff on app features like barcode scanning and reporting.

With an inventory app, supermarkets can gain control over their stock, increase efficiency, reduce waste, and optimize their supply chain. The automated tracking provides powerful insights to inform better purchasing and merchandising decisions. For grocery stores looking to improve inventory management, inventory apps are an indispensable tool.