Self-checkout lanes are becoming increasingly common in supermarkets and grocery stores. While they were first introduced decades ago, recent years have seen a major expansion of self-checkout as stores work to increase efficiency and cut costs. For many shoppers, using a self-checkout lane can feel liberating – you get to scan and bag items at your own pace without waiting in line behind other shoppers. However, self-checkout does come with a few drawbacks that some customers aren’t fond of.

That’s where grocery shopping apps like NeoCheck come in. NeoCheck allows you to build a buying list on your smartphone that you can use to plan out purchases and streamline the self-checkout process. Here are some of the major benefits of using a grocery app shopping list at self-checkout:

Organized Purchases

Building your shopping list in the NeoCheck app allows you to organize items into categories like fruits, vegetables, dairy, pantry items, frozen foods, and more. You can build your list over time as you think of things you need to buy. Having an organized list makes the actual shopping trip more efficient since you know exactly what you need to get.

Speeds Up Self-Checkout

With your buying list on your phone, self-checkout becomes faster. You don’t have to fumble around with a paper list or try to remember what you needed to buy. Just open up NeoCheck and your list is right there. You can quickly go through your list, scanning each item at self-checkout.

Prevents Forgotten Items

It’s easy to get to the register and realize you forgot to grab something critical when you don’t have a list. The NeoCheck app prevents this scenario by letting you check off items as you shop. Get in the habit of opening your list each time you shop, and you’ll complete trips without forgetting must-have items.

Tracks Spending

NeoCheck makes it easy to build a buying list with budgeted amounts for each category. As you check off items, it keeps a running total of spending by section. This helps you stick to your grocery budget and avoid impulse purchases. You can see in real-time how much you have left to spend as you shop.

The rise of self-checkout lanes makes organized grocery lists more useful than ever. Shopping apps like NeoCheck optimize self-checkout by letting you plan purchases out and track spending right from your smartphone. The days of scribbled-on paper lists are ending – it’s time to take advantage of smart grocery tech.